How About Some Very Cool and Surprising Golf Stats ! A Fun Conversation with Lou Stagner.

February 07, 2023 Jesse Perryman Season 2 Episode 11
How About Some Very Cool and Surprising Golf Stats ! A Fun Conversation with Lou Stagner.
Show Notes

      Hello and welcome to the Flaghunters Golf Podcast ! My name is Jesse Perryman and it’s my honor and passion to bring you truthful insights to help make you a better player ! 
      Today on the Pod we have Mr. Lou Stagner. Lou notably is the Data lead at ArccosGolf, which is a Golf stat tracking program that is in or at the end of your grip. Lou also is the Assistant Coach for the Golf team at Princeton. Lastly, Lou rounds it off with his Podcast called, “Hack It Out”.
       Lou has my favorite Twitter account. Why you ask ? Well, he posts some crazy stats. His stats are usually ranged per handicap genre. For example, Lou will post proximity to the hole from 100 yards, 150 yards, etc, per handicap range. Let’s say you’re a 5. Lou will post some percentages for your handicap family based on data from ArccosGolf and formulate proximity stats, putting stats, averages greens in regulation stats and so on.
     What’s interesting to me about Lou’s postings are the Tour stats. I would’ve thought that the best players in the World would have these incredible stats. For example, do you know what the average proximity is from 100 yards for PGA Tour and LPGA Tour is ? I would’ve thought it’d be inside of 10-15 feet. Stats prove otherwise. The best in the World average TWENTY FEET !!! How about putting ? Let’s say your average Tour Pro has an 8 foot putt. Do you know what his/her make percentage is ? Around 50 percent. I would’ve thought it be much higher !! 
    Lou also has my favorite hashtag on Social Media. It’s called, manage your expectations ! When I look at his stats postings, I look at the example about as it relates to the best in the World from 100 yards. If I hit it 20 feet, I can tell myself that this is the Tour average. I can cut myself a break if I miss an 8 foot putt because the best make this putts HALF the time ! I hear so many players berate themselves for missing putts around or under 10 feet ! 
      What Lou provides is a valuable service from the perspective of taking some pressure off when you play. Golf is a hard game and management of your expectations is a huge, golf/life affirming skill that can be learned. 
     You can find Lou easiest on his Twitter @LouStagner. I highly encourage all to go and do a bit of contemplation on some of Lou’s stats. I promise it will help you put some things on the golf course in perspective and help you to play better ! 
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